PowerDNS Authoritative Server

The PowerDNS Authoritative Server is the only solution that enables authoritative DNS service from all major databases, including but not limited to MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, Microsoft SQL Server, LDAP, plain text files, and many other SQL databases via ODBC.

DNS answers can also be fully scripted using a variety of (scripting) languages such as Lua, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, C and C++. Such scripting can be used for dynamic redirection, (spam) filtering or real time intervention.

In addition, the PowerDNS Authoritative Server is the leading DNSSEC implementation, hosting the majority of all DNSSEC domains worldwide. The Authoritative Server hosts at least 30% of all domain names in Europe, and around 90% of all DNSSEC domains in Europe.

Please find a list of major features below.

To verify the presence or absence of a desired feature, please consult the documentation or contact us. A full list of supported standards can be found in our compliance table.

Common to all PowerDNS products:

  • IPv4, UDP/TCP
  • IPv6, UDP/TCP, 100% compliant
  • Remotely pollable statistics for real time graphing
  • High performance
  • SNMP statistics bridge (read only)

Authoritative Server:

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, LDAP, SQLite3, and many other SQL databases via ODBC
    • Including replication
  • Near instant start up time
  • Plain BIND zone files
    • Brief start up time
  • Migration tools from legacy DNS platforms (zone2sql)
  • Internal Lua-based scripted answer generation
  • External high-performance Script-based answer generation
  • Geographical load balancing
  • Full DNSSEC support including all standardized algorithms
  • TSIG for transaction signatures, AXFR authorization/requests
  • Master/Slave support
  • Built-in web server for statistics and limited direct control
  • API for direct control (pdns_control, pdnssec)
    • Local and remote access