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Replacing a vital component of your network, such as your DNS, may be daunting. But, you will benefit from our experience with migrations from a wide range of other DNS platforms for a safe and validated transition. PowerDNS has successfully performed migrations from all kinds of legacy and alternative DNS solutions, and we have developed a set of steps that delivers a fully safe and validated transition:

Make an inventory of your currently deployed configuration
Determine how existing parts can be matched by PowerDNS
Suggest hardware and operating system configuration for your new PowerDNS deployment
004-1 Record existing DNS traffic and report on current performance levels in terms of packets, query drop rate, average response times
Deploy new PowerDNS infrastructure on the agreed platforms
Replay the previously recorded traffic, and report on new performance levels
Train your staff on the differences between the old and the new solution
Perform follow-ups to ensure solving any post-migration issues

Multi-million BT user migration

Migrating millions of users from the incumbent solution to PowerDNS without any impact on their experience.

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Safety-First Approach to Migration

With an iterative approach customers can use DNSdist in front of their legacy DNS for a seamless migration. DNSdist allows to run both legacy DNS and PowerDNS platforms in parallel for validation of the new setup and migrates small amounts of traffic first.

Trust our experience gained from migrating millions of users from legacy solutions to PowerDNS without any impact on their experience.

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