Network-based Protection for all Devices

Network-based Protection for all Devices

Comprehensive network security for today’s and future internet risks

The internet is a dangerous place. Malware, phishing attacks and botnets are just a few of the risks. Many people have been victims of cybercrimes, and even more are worried about what could happen to them online. Consumers often have many connected devices at home, all of which should have up-to-date anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware and anti-spyware solutions installed to offer them peace of mind. Is this really the answer you would want to give them?

Network-based Protection is the Solution

With the increasing number of devices, required CPU/RAM and necessary regular updates, adding and managing on-device protection is not practical or feasible for your subscribers. Network Operators are ideally placed to offer a better solution. Network-based threat detection provides a highly scalable solution to protect against abuse. It detects threats to any device on the network and can proactively stop devices connecting to malicious sites, therefore preventing any harm. All done automatically, without any end-user action required.

DNS Filtering Against Malicious Damage

Our DNS traffic filtering utilizes real-time updated threat intelligence feeds to let operators provide their subscribers with an additional layer of security as default. All devices in a home network are protected against malware and phishing attacks. End-users are notified about compromised devices and their connection to malicious destinations on the internet can be blocked to prevent other devices from becoming infected. No additional hardware, exhausting configurations and manual updates for end-users is needed. Updates providing the latest security are applied in the network automatically, and any new device connecting to the network is protected immediately. > Learn more about PowerDNS Protect

The same technology can also be used to protect IoT devices. > Learn more about PowerDNS Protect for IOT Security

With Network-based Security, Operators are Ideally Placed to Offer:

  • Protection of all connected devices against malware, botnets and phishing attacks
  • Security at home with broadband networks, as well as security on the go for mobile networks
  • Differentiation opportunities to increase subscriber stickiness and trust

Learn more about how PowerDNS Protect secures your subscribers’ connected devices.

PowerDNS Protect

Network-based Protection for a Secure Infrastructure

PowerDNS’ network-based protection provides more than just security for your customers. By helping them secure their devices, your network is protected as well. Compromised devices are identified and infected device owners can be notified so they can take action. At the same time, network access for infected devices is blocked, which prevents your subscribers from activating malware, for example. It also protects your network from becoming vulnerable against DDoS attacks by hampering botnet activation.

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