Enhancements on request

PowerDNS is open source software and although we already provide a large set of features, it may be that functionality you need is not part of PowerDNS.

Many (large) developments in PowerDNS have been funded by operators that wanted to expedite the authoring of the features they needed.

Should your organization want to fund specific expedited PowerDNS developments, please contact us and we can discuss if we can fit you into our road map.

Funded enhancements always become part of the open source product.

We want to clarify that feature requests are always welcome and will always be considered, but that the speed of implementation can be influenced by funding development.

Open source development

Enhancements are also often contributed by third parties, which is one of the wonderful features of being an open source project. If your organization wants to contribute a feature, please reach out to us so we can coordinate.