Mailing lists

There are three public mailing lists, two of which you can post messages on:

  • pdns-users - general discussions on compiling, using and deploying PowerDNS.
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  • pdns-announce - announcements of new versions, security problems etc
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  • dnsdist - to discuss the use and development of dnsdist
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Together with the PowerDNS Community, we are glad to help you on the mailing lists.

Note however that our free community support comes with some conditions, as outlined in the blogpost "Open Source Support: out in the open". In short, if you are unable to provide actual details of your problem in public, we can't help you through our community process.

Private support is available for supported customers.

If you have a problem and want to post it on the mailing lists, please always include at least:

  • What PowerDNS or dnsdist version you are using
  • What backends you use (gMySQL, BIND etc)
  • If you are using DNSSEC
  • Operating system it is running on
  • Where you got the binary from, i.e. did you compile it yourself (which compiler, including version), from your distribution or ports tree etc
  • What is going wrong
  • What you did, or somebody else did, that causes things to go wrong
  • What you expect to happen (many problems are in fact wrong expectations, and not bugs)
  • ANYTHING else that might be relevant, like load balancers, strange hardware, firewall rules etc etc