Carrier Grade Migration Services

PowerDNS can be an attractive replacement for Nominum (Vantio, ANS, CNS), Infoblox, Cisco (Prime) Network Registrar or homegrown installations. However, replacing such a vital component of your network may be daunting.

PowerDNS has successfully performed migrations from all of these products, and we have developed a set of steps that delivers a fully safe and validated transition.

In a typical migration, we will:

  • Make an inventory of your currently deployed configuration
  • Validate that all parts can be matched by PowerDNS
  • Suggest hardware and operating system configuration for your new PowerDNS deployment (please contact us also if you need hardware support)
  • Record existing DNS traffic and report on current performance levels in terms of packets/s, query drop rate, average response times
  • Deploy new PowerDNS infrastructure on the agreed platforms
  • Replay the previously recorded traffic, and report on new performance levels
  • Train your staff on the differences between the old and the new solution
  • Be on-site during 'cut-over'
  • Perform remote followup to wrinkle out post-migration issues

Migration Services are available to (future) Carrier Grade supported customers. Please contact us for details.