PowerDNS Recursor

The PowerDNS Recursor is a high-end, high-performance resolving name server which powers the DNS resolution of at least a hundred million subscribers. Utilizing multiple processors and supporting the same powerful scripting ability of the Authoritative Server, the Recursor delivers top performance while retaining the flexibility modern DNS deployments require.

Please find a list of major features below.

To verify the presence or absence of a desired feature, please consult the documentation or contact us. A full list of supported standards can be found in our compliance table.

Common to all PowerDNS products:

  • IPv4, UDP/TCP
  • IPv6, UDP/TCP, 100% compliant
  • Remotely pollable statistics for real time graphing
  • High performance
  • SNMP statistics bridge (read only)


  • Full support for all relevant standards
  • Advanced anti-spoofing measures
  • Reconfiguration without downtime
  • Plain BIND zone files for “resolved hosting”
  • Internal Lua-based scripted answer generation
  • Question interception, answer reconditioning, NXDOMAIN redirection
    • Including ‘block lists’ and security measures
  • API for direct control (rec_control)
    • Local and remote access
  • DNS Response Policy Zones (RPZ)
  • DNS64