Network Function Virtualization, End-to-End monitoring, 5G and DNS over HTTPS/DNS over TLS are recent additions to our website:

  • 5G is a big change for networks, including DNS.
  • (Network Function) Virtualization is coming to DNS. In many deployments, DNS is deployed on bare metal. Industry trends mean there is strong pressure to migrate to virtual or NFV. PowerDNS is pleased to provide knowledge on how this can safely be done and to indicate virtual performance levels for chosen architectures.
  • End-to-end monitoring helps determine actual user-perceived DNS performance, which guarantees good listings in government or consumer measurements. In addition, such monitoring may pinpoint network problems or congestion as causes for DNS service degradation, allowing for proper blame allocation.
  • DNS over HTTPs and DNS over TLS are new protocols pushed by browser vendors to replace service provider nameservers. Such a move to third party DNS may be deterimental to your network. PowerDNS can help you implement encrypted DNS natively and retain DNS for your network.

Presentations (conferences)


Carsten Strotmann of Men & Mice has given two great webinars on PowerDNS:

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