Support, services, consulting


Open source users can get support via our Wiki and ask questions on our public mailing lists, and need to include full details of IP addresses and actual domain names there.

Services and Consulting

Our PowerDNS Certified Consultants can provide professional services and consulting. Services include deployment, integration, validation, upgrades and migration.

Professional services are provided remotely and on-site and are billed by the day. We have consultants that are fluent in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.

Commercial Support Contract and training

If you are looking for a commercial support contract please contact Open-Xchange For supported users, a full palette of training, migration, and integration is also available from Open-Xchange.

Enhancements on request

PowerDNS is open source software and although we already provide a large set of features, it may be that functionality you need is not part of PowerDNS.

If this is the case, we can provide enhancements on request and can add the features you need.