Users of PowerDNS open-source software can ask questions on our public mailing lists, where operators must supply full details of their problem, including actual IP addresses and real domain names that are relevant to the problem.

For our commercial PowerDNS Platform users, PowerDNS is pleased to offer multiple tiers of private support, from office hours to 24/7 with fine-grained response, service-restoration and problem-resolution times tied to well-defined severity levels. Standard communications channels, telephone and email, are augmented with instant messaging and remote logins. The PowerDNS Platform includes all our open-source products. High-end time and performance based SLAs are standard.

Finally, it should be noted we help out our customers even if problems turn out not to be strictly PowerDNS related. If the network is causing problems we will help debug that. If a major CDN sends your subscribers to the wrong continent, we have good contacts with all major CDN providers to correct this. In addition, if there are operating system issues or hardware related problems we can work with your vendors or open-source community directly to solve them.

The goal of PowerDNS Support is to solve your problem. For help with the design, architecting and deployment of solutions, Professional Services by PowerDNS or external, certified consultants are also available.

Further details

Please contact us for more details or urgent support.