PowerDNS is pleased to offer high-end levels of support, via all means available (telephone, skype, instant messaging, remote logins).

In addition, remote diagnostics are provided over secure shell (SSH), or VPN (OpenVPN, IPSEC or Cisco) or shared desktop (Webex).

Note: Support plans outlined below cover an unlimited number of PowerDNS instances and servers.

NameGuaranteed Response timeCustom Binary PackagesLimits
Carrier grade< 2/4 hoursYesNone
PowerDNS Carrier Grade Support

This is our highest level of support, offering live telephone help & problem analysis. PowerDNS Carrier Grade support is best suited for organizations relying on PowerDNS for a sizeable part of their revenues and that want to be assured of support, no matter what happens. For more information, please see here.

Further details

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