PowerDNS was launched in 1999 to write software to aid in rapid DNS-based geographical load balancing for the benefit of V3 Redirection Services (ZEP Holding), operators of the then popular URL redirection services 'come.to', 'go.to' and 'browse.to'.

Originally closed source, PowerDNS was not a large success after the collapse of the 'dot com bubble'. In 2002, all PowerDNS software was released as open source, but was still lovingly maintained. Over the years, the number of users grew and around 2005, the company restarted commercial operations to support its users.

Since then, PowerDNS has grown a large and diverse open source community, with over 1000 members of the mailing lists, more than 200 participants on our instant-messaging channels and dozens of active contributors.

In addition, the PowerDNS support business has grown rapidly, which has allowed us to devote significant resources to expanding our feature set. In 2012 this led to the widespread roll out of our innovative DNSSEC solution which now powers over 90% of all DNSSEC domains in Europe.

Until 2015, PowerDNS was privately held by the original founders, but is now merging with Open-Xchange.

PowerDNS & Netherlabs

PowerDNS support services have long been supplied by Netherlabs Computer Consulting BV, co-founders of PowerDNS in 1999. As of 2015, PowerDNS and Netherlabs have merged into one company. For more details please see here (under 'Legal').