PowerDNS has a small number of very talented employees, and we strive to keep it that way. We have a unique group of people with very broad interests, but a common goal of writing, deploying, automating and supporting great software.

At PowerDNS, we believe in offering a great working environment which includes good pay, a free selection of hardware and software to work with, great work/life balance and lots of fun. We hope that in return we get some of your best work.

PowerDNS is part of Open-Xchange, who are engaged world-wide with 270+ staff. Check out the other vacancies over at the Open-Xchange jobs page.

For all vacancies

Ideal candidates have visible contributions to open source projects (even good bug reports count), or relevant standards work or research experience.

We have a preference for people that can at least part of the time work at our office in The Hague, The Netherlands, but if you have exceptional skills we can also work with you remotely.

If you don't find a vacancy listed below that matches your skills, but you would like to work with us, please by ALL means let us know. We strive to hire good people, and if necessary we'll build something around you.

If you think you might be a match for us, please contact and let's discuss!

Contractor NL/BE/Germany

Various large scale PowerDNS users in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium require help upgrading / migrating DNS servers.

We are looking for contractors that can be on-site with these customers, but also do work remotely. PowerDNS would be the contracting party.

If you are interested, we can also hire you as an employee to perform such work on a more regular basis.

We are looking for multiple people with:

  • Legal ability to work as a contractor in the Schengen countries
  • Experience with several, but not necessarily all, of the following:
    • Linux large scale administration
    • DNS, possibly PowerDNS
    • Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis)
    • Ansible
    • Grafana
    • Migrations
    • Contracting
    • BGP
  • There is a preference for candidates with a visible open source history (contribution to projects in the form of patches, good tickets, answering questions)

If you feel you might be a fit, or if you wonder if you might be a fit, please contact us on

C++ & Go Developer with large-dataset experience

PowerDNS and Open-Xchange ship security relevant products that protect users against malware and phishing. As part of this, we are developing software that analyses service provider DNS traffic for adverse trends and conditions.

Anomalous situations lead to notifications, potentially reaching tens of millions of subscribers, based on flows as high as tens of millions events/second. But no user should be flooded with notifications, nor should we miss slow moving events.

This combination represents a massive and interesting scaling challenge - especially since all our technologies need to be fully GDPR compliant as well as protect internet users against threats.

We are therefore looking for people with any or more of the following skills:

  • C++ development (or long term C with willingness to learn C++)
  • Go development or interest in Go
  • Working with large datasets, particularly unstructured streaming data
  • No-Sql/Schema-less DBs, e.g. Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, Redis, LMDB
  • Ability to work on developing/extending REST APIs
  • A background in security relevant environments or programming secure systems
  • History of high performance computing
  • Experience with large scale data storage & retrieval
  • Knowledge of statistics
  • Lua would be a bonus, or similar embedded programming languages
  • Machine-Learning of any description would also be a bonus, particularly on unstructured data
  • Any experience with using DNS for security research would also be a bonus

Note that we explicitly do not expect any candidate to be good at all these things at the same time. In addition, we may well care about other skills you have.

If you feel you might be a fit, or if you wonder if you might be a fit, please contact us on!

Solution Engineer

What you would be doing

Daily activities alternate between working on customer issues and actual Professional Services for customer implementations (both on-site and off-site). As Solution Engineer (with a focus on PowerDNS) you will work closely with the PowerDNS development team, as well as with other parts of Open-Xchange and Dovecot development, sales, and Product Management teams from within a European Services team.

Your personal chance

We think Support & Implementation is a great step into a promising career. We are specifically looking for employees willing to learn quickly while delivering great support and service, while keeping an eye towards growing within the Global Services department or into different roles in the larger Open-Xchange organisation.

In other words, this position is a great opportunity for your personal development. There will be a close and intimate cooperation between PowerDNS and OX Professional Services regarding the support, implementation and development roles.

If you feel you might be a fit, or if you wonder if you might be a fit, please contact us on!