Third party hosted PowerDNS

Because we don't want to compete with our own users, and want to focus on delivering the best software and support, we have chosen not to provide DNS hosting or hosted services.

However, we are more than pleased to list providers of hosted PowerDNS services here.

Please note that a listing does not imply an endorsement!

If you provide hosted PowerDNS services, please contact us and we'll add you to the list.

  • Stream Service
    Stream Service offers hosted DNS services based on PowerDNS since 2007. All record types supported by PowerDNS are on request also available in the (Dutch and English) web interface. Also an API is available to update/create/remove records. The name servers support DNSSEC and IPv6.

  • Rage4 DNS
    Rage4 DNS offers anycast DNS service with enterprise grade features such as DNSSEC, GeoDNS, failover support, vanity NS, ANAME and full API.

  • is a provider of enhanced hosted DNS services focused on geographical high availability, smart geo-balancing, dynamic DNS, authoritative DNS, DNS firewalling and realtime analytics. DNS resolution can be fully tailored using geographical routing based on criteria such as country, AS number, ISP and availability. Full REST API is available for orchestration and integration with third parties and cloud providers.

  • RoseHosting
    RoseHosting provides hosted DNS services based on PowerDNS. RoseHosting has a fully managed support included in every hosting plans, which means that you can request a hassle free-setup of PowerDNS.