Brand Style Guide

The PowerDNS brand is well known and for this reason we have published the following summary of the Brand Style Guide to help keep it safe. This short summary should be referred to by anyone working with any PowerDNS Corporate Design elements in any medium.
The following sections briefly describe how to use branding features such as the PowerDNS logo and colors. If you still have questions after reading this, feel free to contact our Marketing Team for more information or help.

PowerDNS Logo
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PowerDNS Colors
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PowerDNS Logo

The logo has a protected area around it. This absolute minimum distance from the PowerDNS logo to other elements must be maintained. See the hatched area in the diagram below.

It is strongly recommended to use the logos that have made available in the downloadable package.

Logo package

PowerDNS Corporate Colors

Colors make things stand out but precision defines a brand.

PowerDNS has a small color palette of only four colors. The following section describes each color and outlines how the color is to be used. Please read carefully before using the colors ‘randomly’.


  • PowerDNS Orange is used for the "PowerDNS dots" on any background.

    Exception: The logo is used monochrome (in white negative or positive black).

  • PowerDNS Grey is used for background and the typography as well.


PowerDNS Orange
RGB 230-110-0
# e66e00
CMYK 5-65-100-0
Pantone 166


PowerDNS Grey
RGB 102-102-102
# 666666
CMYK 0-0-0-75
Pantone 425


RGB 0-0-0-0
# 000000
CMYK 0-0-0-100
Pantone Process black


RGB 255-255-255
# ffffff
CMYK 0-0-0-0

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