Third party tools

This section lists third party projects that we as PowerDNS.COM consider to be useful as enhancements of the PowerDNS products:

  • JPower Admin (open source) by Nicmus Inc: An easy to use web interface for PowerDNS written in Java. Has a RESTful API, user management, multi-language support, all PowerDNS record types and supports multiple different database backends

  • PowerAdmin (open source), one of the very first PowerDNS web interfaces available. PowerAdmin is a web-based DNS administration tool for PowerDNS server written in PHP, which has support for all zone types, for supermasters, for automatic provisioning of slave zones, support for IPv6 and comes with multi-language interface

  • Men&Mice Suite (closed source): The Men & Mice Suite Solution is an overlay management solution that builds sustainable, non-intrusive, integrated DNS, DHCP and IPAM bridges on top of existing DNS and DHCP network infrastructure, thereby enabling advanced management of multiple DNS and DHCP servers in homogenous or mixed environments without the need for disrupting or replacing existing network infrastructure.

To be listed on this page, please contact us.

Additionally, there is a community-managed list of frontends on our Wiki.