PowerDNS Users

Please find a list of selected PowerDNS users below.

If you use PowerDNS software in your services, please contact us and we'll add you to the list.

T-Mobile Czech Republic

"Having more than a million customers online, DNS service is one of the crucial issues. PowerDNS software helps us to provide data services smoothly and reliably. Unique software features together with expert knowledge level in DNS area and rapid response of developers makes the product really great. Thank you PowerDNS!"

T-Mobile Czech Republic is the number-one operator in the Czech mobile market.


"PowerDNS was already working well for us after a very smooth migration. When we were hit with a denial of service attack, PowerDNS helped us rapidly with expert advice, allowing us to keep on serving our customers."

Bredband2 is a major supplier of broadband in metro networks in Sweden. The company provides services such as Internet, telephony, data centers and mobile broadband to residential and business customers.


"Our PowerDNS installation serves more than 600,000 domain names for our customers. Thanks to the excellent software and support from PowerDNS, we were able to sign 60% of these without any hiccup or problem. Today, of the 400,000 DNSSEC-enabled domain names, the validation scripts only find 2-3 bogus domains per week, and these are corrected easily with the PowerDNS software."

mijndomein is one of the largest Dutch registrars.


"More than 10 years ago we decided to make the change to PowerDNS and have been a satisfied customer ever since. We have over 190,000 registered domains and the compatibility of PowerDNS with MySQL back-ends enables us to see changes in 'real time'. In addition, PowerDNS provides us the stability we desire and because it's open source with an active community, excellent support is guaranteed in case you encounter any problems."

Argeweb is one of the biggest shared hosting providers of The Netherlands


"We have been using PowerDNS for several years already. When we decided to implement DNSSEC we have found PowerDNS yet again to be a perfect match for us. Thanks to their live signing capability and extensive toolset we were signing zones within weeks. In addition, the PowerDNS support program has been great. They provided us with rapid answers to our questions and went out of their way to address any issues we've encountered."

Hostnet hosts over half a million domain names.

BIT Internet Technology

"We are very happy with the switch to PowerDNSSEC. Signing our 12,000+ domain names now only takes a few minutes, enabling DNSSEC for an individual domain mere seconds. Our legacy setup took hours to achieve the same."

BIT provides DNS/hosting services to SIDN and k.root-servers.net.

Totaalnet Internet Works

"We host tens of thousands of domain names and it turned out only PowerDNS could provide DNSSEC and performance at the scale we needed. The support is excellent too -- answers were quick and they even provided custom builds for a problem we ran into. We have absolute confidence our organisation can keep growing as fast as possible, using PowerDNS to power our DNS infrastructure."

Totaalnet is one of the top 10 domain registries in the Netherlands, hosting over 130,000 domain names for over 40,000 customers.

Oxilion - Connected Services

"While serving over 40000 domain names for our customers, we were able to migrate from BIND to PowerDNS and simultaneously enable DNSSEC, thanks to the quick and thorough support of the PowerDNS developers."

Oxilion provides high-end managed Linux hosting for enterprises.


"PowerDNS is an important component for our hostingservices. The support provided is excellent and consistent over the many years we've been using PowerDNS. We'll keep on using it for many years to come. Thanks PowerDNS!"

WebReus provides hosting and DNS services for individuals and companies, aiming at good quality for a budget price.


"We are using a highly customised version of PDNS. We appreciate that PDNS takes care about the overhead so we can focus on the pure logic. Our implementation can serve a request under 1ms and allows us to serve hundreds of thousands of requests per second on one physical server. No DNS DDoS anymore."

CDN77 provides pay-as-you-go Content Delivery.


"Our central nameservers are running on PowerDNS and almost 98% of the domains are successfully signed with DNSSEC. Previously we were running on other DNS software, but after the migration to PowerDNS we see a enormous performance increase and our nameservers are more stable than ever!"

Vimexx provides domain registration and web site hosting.


"bHosted.nl B.V. uses PowerDNS since the moment we started to use our own DNS servers around 2004. We never regretted this decision. The MySQL backend makes it very easy to let our customers change their own DNS records using the DNS editor. Upgrades to new versions always run smoothly and even enabling DNSsec a few years ago for all our .nl domains was done in a day or two. The few times we needed support, they were quick with responding. Thanks, PowerDNS, for helping us host the 20.000+ domains with your great DNS server."

bHosted.nl provides domain registration, web site hosting and virtual servers.


"Zyro uses PowerDNS since the day the website builder was launched. So far we have not had any problems with the software. We use PowerDNS to manage domains on our users’ published sites. Zyro publishes approximately 4000 new websites every day and the number is growing rapidly."

Zyro is a free AI-powered website builder.

Stream Service

"Stream Service offers hosted DNS services based on PowerDNS since 2007. All record types supported by PowerDNS are on request also available in the (Dutch and English) web interface. Also an API is available to update/create/remove records. The name servers support DNSSEC and IPv6.

Stream Services

Rage4 DNS

"Rage4 DNS offers anycast DNS service with enterprise grade features such as DNSSEC, GeoDNS, failover support, vanity NS, ANAME and full API.

Rage4 DNS


"GSLB.me is a provider of enhanced hosted DNS services focused on geographical high availability, smart geo-balancing, dynamic DNS, authoritative DNS, DNS firewalling and realtime analytics. DNS resolution can be fully tailored using geographical routing based on criteria such as country, AS number, ISP and availability. Full REST API is available for orchestration and integration with third parties and cloud providers.



"RoseHosting provides hosted DNS services based on PowerDNS. RoseHosting has a fully managed support included in every hosting plans, which means that you can request a hassle free-setup of PowerDNS.



"Serverion provides DNS hosting solutions for customers of all sizes. Our service works with all hosting arrangements – shared web hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and servers hosted on dynamic IP addresses. We focus on 100% uptime and ease of use for our customers. Our infrastructure is robust and our servers are located in data centers located in different areas in the world. This geographic separation ensures that your DNS records are never off-line due to network problems, natural disasters, data center failures, or supplier failures.



"HostUp offers DNS hosting by PowerDNS on default for all its shared Nginx web hosting plans. This is also true for regular DNS without hosting, which can be perfect if you already have an existing solution or would like to try VPS hosting.



"We have been using PowerDNS for all of our nameservers for countless of years and have never considered searching for an alternative. PowerDNS does exactly what you would expect, and it does that in a very efficient and easy way. The software is very reliable, easily scalable and fast. The implementation of DNSSEC and IPv6 was as easy as can be. We have never run into any issues, and when we had questions, it was always easy to find an answer since PowerDNS is very well documented and has an active community. We will be using PowerDNS for many years to come."

WebOké offers webhosting and domainregistration services for companies and individuals.