What we do

DNS is one of the building blocks of the internet. In general, DNS can be seen as 'the phone book' of the internet, as it translates (host) names into IP addresses and connects email addresses to the right servers (among other things).

A failure in DNS service is equal to a failure of internet service.

PowerDNS is a supplier of:

Our focus is strongly on providing the best software and the best all round support.

What our software does

Our software provides:

PowerDNS serves DNS data as stored in plain text files, or in third party databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or Sybase.

Such databases are typically provisioned either from a legacy DNS server, or via a third party web interface.

DNS hosting, outsourcing

Because we don't want to compete with our own users, and want to focus on delivering the best software and support, we have chosen not to provide DNS hosting or hosted services.

If you provide hosted PowerDNS services, please contact us and we'll list you on our page of third party hosted PowerDNS services.

Contributing to and supporting the internet

PowerDNS is an active contributor to internet standards development and a frequent supporter of local network operator communities like UKNOF and NLNOG.

Read more about our community and industrial relations here.