24th of March 2015

Today in Rust, Germany – during the 11th annual WorldHostingDays – it was announced that Open-Xchange and PowerDNS have agreed to merge. This agreement will allow Open-Xchange to expand into important DNS product and support offerings, integrating DNS more deeply across their portfolio of open source messaging software. Meanwhile, by becoming part of a bigger family (which includes Dovecot), PowerDNS can focus on doing what it does best: developing and supporting great nameserver technologies.

Open-Xchange develops real-time communication and collaboration software that can run on existing cloud and telecom infrastructures. Deployed by the most trusted service providers worldwide, OX’s flagship product – OX App Suite – gives individuals the freedom to collaborate, work and communicate in the way they want to by combining document creation, email, messaging and calendar.

The combined company becomes the world’s leading provider of open source cloud software for ISPs, telcos and cable companies providing one point of contact for Internet-based services – from DNS, email backend to application frontend.

What makes this announcement so meaningful to us here at PowerDNS, is that in joining this family, we join great open source champions like Dovecot, which last week also became a part of OX.

We hope you agree that some things in life just get better and in joining the Open-Xchange family, it just did!

Bert Hubert CEO, Founder

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